Greenwayofliving Green Kitchen let’s food be the green way : greening our food

Which way is the way to a healthy, balanced way of eating? So many recipes , everybody coming with his/her own recipe making us loose our sens of what to do .

These tips can’t replace an advice from a doctor

My recipe is really simple . My measure is the impact on our planet . When it is good for the planet, it is good for me. When it hurts the planet 🌎 it will probably hurt my family and I .

The rules I follow are these ones :

  • More vegetables , More plants proteins , and less animal products
  • Fruits on an empty stomach
  • High Alkaline foods
  • More beauty fat in moderation
  • More Minerals and Enziles
  • No dairy
  • Hydratation as much as I can

i drink green smoothies each days for me to eat more and more vegetables

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