Greenwayofliving : how to 1 /2 ? First reduce

How to connect with a greenwayofliving in a practical way ? How to change our waste habits for a new conscious approach of food and everything else’s we might think about ? Is it possible by a magical effect to suddenly become able to completely reduce our waste ?

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Lao Tseu said that a path of thousands steps begins by one step .

We live in maximalist societies . To reach a minimalist concept and way of living our lives we need to start somewhere .

1/ We need to rethink our actual society,

2/ We need to rethink our place inside of it,

3/ We need to rethink what we take fore granted, normal,

4/ We need to rethink what exists, the way it works , what needs to be improved

5/We need to become conscious and able to take the decision to bring some changes.

We always start from where we are, as we are . How to begin? We begin firstly by reducing our waste . It’s simple like that

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