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Dear Community

Thank you for joining and for being such a growing and amazingly kind, number of people to support through your mentions.

Our objective is to rethink consciously our way of consumption in our everyday life and to collectively turn the tide on plastic (through the transformation of objects that are supposed to be trashed into valorized resources) and to change our culture of waste.

Rockia Kebet

What we are sharing here are issues that concerns each one of us, because the planet Earth 🌍 is the boat, we all are embarked on, as one family.

We need to act right now individually in the creation of a livable future, for ourselves, for the next generations and for the planet.

Why you and me?

Because our individual action on climate change is about our habits and the kind of choices we make in our everyday life (inside of our kitchen, about the way we travel, our means of living, the kind of products, goods, services we consume…)

Greenwayofliving is about sharing our way of living, cultivating and spreading basics, pratical environmental-respecting habits through diversified activities.

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