GWOLT: GreenWayOfLivingTeas, our charity brand dedicated to support Alama’s Garden

GWOLT GreenWayOfLivingTeas our charity brand to support Alama’s Garden development.

All the money will totally be dedicated to the duplication of our program .

You know I have learnt something, one little thing along my way , from the Buddha himself

The path is the goal


So as long as we are on our way, we are on the path and we don’t have to worry about anything .

The most difficult is to find our purpose our way. Once it’s done, no matter how long it takes to reach the différents goals.

As far as the real purpose is concern, discouragement, depression, might be part of the way . What is important is that they are understood as part of the way. So we learn to deal with them .

We need money to launch duplication stage . So we had to be creative and able to generate sustainable revenues to support our project : that’s how the concept of Greenwayofliving was born

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