To support Alama’s Garden duplication in the future, organic Green Way Of Living Teas … you need more informations, or to know what it costs? We can explain which organic herbal teas are right for you and tell you more about our prices . Get in touch below.

GWOLT: charity herbal teas


To run a nonprofit activity’s we need to be surprisingly ingenious…. our organic herbal teas are purposeful, meaningful, healthy and organic

Each organic tea sold will support the duplication of the prototype of Alama’s Garden we have developed

Educating tomorrow Earth ambassadors through Alama’s Garden environmental trainings is our purpose. We need funds to reach that goal . We sell our Charity teas to be able in the future to implement our trainings sessions in most places as possible


An amazing collection of organic Herbal teas around hibiscus and roses and …

Let’s build something together.

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