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from my Paris Lab:

Almost faded flowers that became amazing potpourris.

Flowers, if you can’t reuse them, refuse them

With delicacy, opening up the senses , the conscious, the awareness

September 10th : almost two years to get that product . It’s a new skill we had to learn just like a child . We can be and do whatever we want to .
From me to myself

It’s a choice we make one day with no guarantee that we will reach anything valuable. The thing is that if we don’t try we will never know if ..

what do you do to support your project , Alama’Garden future development?

Recycled Products we sell: Amazing almost faded flowers and plastic bottles

Our job starts with almost faded flowers and recycled plastic bottle : finding out about more practical ways that make sense to us

Not sure if you need our recycled products or why we are selling them for or what it costs? I am here to help.

I’m always happy to talk with people feeling really concerned by our environmental challenges and above all about other humans . practical experiences sharing, promoting methods that work is the best way to solve them and the only clever path for us willing to best serve What really matters . Feel free to connect with me ❣️

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From Paris
With love and recycled flowers

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