I needed a green purpose

What do we wake up for, each mornings ? What do we live for?

What gives our lives its meaning?

Most of the time, we think that that something is material , so we spend lot of moment of our lives fighting for money that will bring us fulfillment.

Through the years, I learnt somethings , not a lot but a few things among whose that one : we are here to improve our ability to love . It can’t be achieved without the others that are often the hell we project in our reality .

The challenge is to learn to do with one another’s in order to grow better mutually .

Getting involved inside the slums, instilling in   children I  train inside Alama’s Garden Environmental stewardship , sharing my meal with them when it is required made me feel useful, giving my life the purpose that was missing .

And you which green action do you take for our environment?

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