Our innovative approach around sustainability

Our approach is innovative and may seems a little bit complex because Our program is an environmental mechanism and at the same time, a business model which aims to generate sustainable revenue for us to be able by ourself to support the whole structure .

Our goal is to be able to empower early childhood environmental conscious and awareness and to bring out of school children, green skills that will help them become tomorrow new generation of Earth ambassadors able to heal themselves out of poverty …

We have begun by the creation of a prototype of our training center we will duplicate later on, using no chemical products , for our students to learn to produce their own healthy food.

Here , for example, our Lemon Grass, tasty, natural and healthy, drunk by kids at mornings for their breakfast


Today we are selling our recycling products for us to generate enough funds to be able to bring our students everything needed for them to be enough skilled and armed to face the climatic challenges awaiting for the consciousness and involvement as a group that will be cruelty impacted

Rockia Kebet

My personal path to reach a greenwayofliving

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