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Firsts recycled plastic bottles

We use recycled plastic bottles as amazing plants growing or design pots, so these bottles won’t reach and pollute our oceans and seas.

Plastic, reduce your use of it. If you cant reuse or recycle it, please refuse it  

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Mood of the day /12/2020

consistency, persistence and hard work . It’s about faith and to strongly believe in the necessity of what I do.

I’m sure about one thing: we are in danger because Our world is in danger . Climate change is hurting our lifestyle, while deforestation opens the doors to diseases transmitted to humans by animals …

we need to become more conscious, each one of us and to join the movement working to protect our planet 🌏 from where we are, as we are, with what we have .

so tell me which kind of green, climate action do you take for our environnement ?

plastic, use it. If you can’t reuse or recycle, please refuse

Mood of the day : 18/12/20

With persistence, we have discovered all the possibilities, the creativity, the complexity behind a single plastic bottle : it’s a kind of mind’s revolution. It’s about our approach to beauty – our values. Our societies keep telling us that what is new, expensive is what is beautiful . Beauty isn’t lying anymore inside of the eyes of the watchers but is designed through the exploitation of people who make them… that can’t be the real meaning of beauty . What is beauty has to do with the concept of Greenwayofliving. It must be green, sustainable, useful and beautiful 🤩

Our firsts prototypes