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Let’s food be thy green way : food, drinks, hot drinks, teas, herbal teas, plant-based path to reach health and beauty I mean a green way of living state of being

14 February 2021

Just for love

10 February 2021

instead of French fries today I have cooked some fried Manioc.

Do you know Manioc? Have you ever eaten some? It is a tubercular eaten in South America, India and Africa.
Mae use it just like potatoes, fried, boiled, in puree…

Don’t hesitate to try Manioc if you have the opportunity. We make a salsa sauce to accompany it but it could be a tomato sauce. Try once to frying like French fries for to start and get used to the sweetness hissing a kind of subtile bitterness and tell me about it ❤️