Green spirit

To all of you, members of the Community: how are you doing breath after breath?

This is my Love message just for you . Yes I’m talking to you . I know you cried this night. And the night before and all the nights you went throughout since it happened .It is always a loss: a terrible loss to have …

Greenway-of- living-urbangardening

Greenwayofliving urbangardening scenery 7 : recycling to define the home I want

Greenwayofliving urban gardening as a therapy, as a way, as a path to reach that world we want, to reshape our minds and souls .What do you want? I want to be serene, at peace, at home . Greenwayofliving as a possible way

Greenway-of- living-urbangardening

Greenwayofliving urbangardening inside of recycled plastic pots : African mood 1

Greenwayofliving means conscious way of living ​. Our African mood collection of recycled plastic bottles as plants design or growing pots

Green juices, Green Kitchen

Green kitchen green juices principles Red fruits and vegetables for the lycopene and vitamins

All red fruits or vegetable contains lycopene , anthocyanin( that provides the red to blue color) and lots of vitamins that are all combined supposed to protect our body naturally .

Greenway-of- living-urbangardening

Greenway oF living UrbangArdening gallery 2 : An anthurium , a flamingo plant, inside of a flowerpower ball

it’s about the promotion of a different lifestyle based on the 4 « R » Reuse recycle repair or refuse .
Our flowerpowerballs are made from recycled soda plastic bottles to be used as vases or plants growing pots.

Green Kitchen

Welcome Inside of our Kitchen : leT’S food be the green way

The concept of Greenwayofliving food is about fighting Kitchen wastes through original And healthy recipes , it’s Also about learning to use less fatty product , to drink more fresh and natural juices and to eat seasonal and local fruits and vegetables


Flowers are made to be reused and recycled

We use, we reuse and we recycle almost faded flowers Our potpourri from almost faded flowers are hand dried and amazing because they are good for our environment, sustainable, purposeful and they will beautifully shine inside of your home . Each box sold will contribute …


Alama’s Garden : theater session 1

Alama’s Garden environmental classroom

Through Alama’s Garden sessions, we work to raise children  basic awareness of recycling, preparing by that way our students to become tomorrow recycling advocates . Our students acquire skills they will need to face the environment challenges of the 21 century. Children will bring all these teachings back home and encourage their families to adopt good environmental practices ( recycling for …


Affou … she began to follow our studies at 6 months

We want to duplicate Alama’s Garden to reach preschoolers like Affou , giving them tools to grow green from their childhood , before the system turns them down for them to become tomorrow balanced Earth ambassadors able to feed themselves and their community while taking care of our planet


A sustainable model to help children thrive 21st challenges

Education to environment  to achieve sustainable development . We provide children from the slums 21st quality educational tools for them to prepare themselves and thrive the major challenges they will have to face during their whole lives  inside of Alama’s Garden We have hope in …

Herbal teas

Greenwayofliving green kitchen infused cold drink : hibiscus flowers and Roses buds decoction

Herbal infusions and decoctions are one of my favorite and straightforward ways to add some green inside of my alimentation.


GWOLT: GreenWayOfLivingTeas, our charity brand dedicated to support Alama’s Garden

We need money to launch duplication stage . So we had to be creative and able to generate sustainable revenues to support our project : that’s how the concept of Greenwayofliving was born

Green way of living campaigns

Greenwayofliving campaign 5 : green way of living as an enlightened path to hold on to

Greenwayofliving is about redefining the system. Stopping using the ressources , people as dumping things and letting the green , I mean the enlightened , the beautiful part of all appears ​, beyond appearance . Welcome inside of the green way of living path, inspiration

Greenway-of- living-urbangardening

Greenwayofliving urban gardening scenery 8 : recycling to reveal beauty beyond simplicity

It’s about going zero waste . Recycling is not enough but it is a beginning . At the end, we will learn to reduce our use of plastic bottles and by chance at the end ​we will stop using plastic

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