Surviving or thriving?

I believe that each one of us got a special mission when we come on earth,  we had  been skilled for …. It might take a whole life, a looooooong travel to reach the path leading to  assuming this mission …. a voice more or less loud coming from within , the CALL , whispers to remind us not to forget about this mission. When we fail to, it presents itself as negative feelings , sensations … it could be depression , insatisfaction, anger … we are not here to just survive . Waking up each mornings like sheeps repeatedly doing the same things , waiting for the weekend for a little rest before …. life is neither a prison nor a punishment . The energy is positively full of mercy, compassion . It’s a combination of choices we make that leads us precisely were we are standing right now. It’s up to us to choose actions that levels up ourselves leading us to our purpose , aum #yogalesson

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