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Greenwayofliving the way : The myth of liberty and the path of meditation by Chögyam Trungpa

The thing is that before we reach these pleasant aspect of life we have no other choice than to experiencing life with it’s whole pain, just the way it is : we must face the reality of our own suffering , our way own emptiness , the reality of illness, the reality of loneliness, the reality of our vanity …. Life is not a wonderland and the matter is a really really serious one .


Ouspensky: life is taking us nowhere

Cultivate your ability to connect yourself with yourself . Feed your soul with what uplift you, surround yourself with beauty and never let emptiness become your state of being, because to reach the light , we must be able to conceive it’s existence even, mostly , when we are going through dark era . Fears lies in the past or in the future. Never here and now.