greenwayofliving recycling

We tell it with recycled tulips and soda plastic bottles

Green revolution means that our economy must go circular by embracing the need to:
♻ REcover, ♻ REcycle, ♻ REpurpose, ♻ REfurbish , ♻ REpair, ♻ REfuse, ♻ REthink, ♻ REduce, ♻ REuse and ♻ REmanufacture
Things dont need to be brand new for them to have style.

It is a question of style, personal touch, taste.

this is our classic flowerpowerball,

how do you like it? The tulips were about to fade away and the vase 🏺 was a soda plastic bottle.

it might be anything. If you can’t reuse it refuse it.

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