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Deep-rooted in the traditional fabric of Africa, teas have always been part of our history and culture.

each sip hides fascinating stories, revealing an art of living and part of the narratives of desert nomads and lots of communities alike or cherished natural remedies recipes transmitted from generations to generations.

Today we start a tasteful journey through time to reach Africa rich interconnected history, tradition and culture with Greenway of Living Teas.

In the heart of the African desert, as a protection to the warmth of the sun and to prevent unwanted perspiration,

Nomads have long understood the power of the tranquil heat of green teas infused with refreshing peps of mint

These hot elixirs of herbal tea remedies are traditional wisdom passed down from mothers to daughters as the concrete art of hospitality, welcoming guests with warmth and the healing touch of nature revealing a cherished face of African culture.

from the enchanting aroma of hibiscus flowers in Senegalβ€”a passionate affair, to the power of ginger juice drink everywhere, an ingredient that claims its strength in a multitude of concoctions through the gentle notes of kinkeliba an elixir of vitality, or the invigorating aroma of verbena dancing with mint and creating a symphony of freshness that wakes our senses up … each element carried its own story, its own purpose.

When I was a child , my mother was mixing , blending all kind of herbs , woods that she used to drink in mornings. Through her hands, these herbs become a comforting tonic for both body and mind.

In those moments, I discovered the magic of nature’s strength, transformed by a mother’s touch into liquid love.

With Greenway of living teas, we are preserving a cultural inheritance that speaks to our innate connection with nature.
In every sip, we rediscover that the earth’s heritage holds the key to well-being. With every cup, we honor the deep wisdom that flows through the tea


Hi. Welcome to all of you. Thank you for stopping by. My name is Rockia. I’m a World citizen. I’m on my path to reach a green way of living and I’m feeling honored and happy to share my way with you and to learn from yours .
I strongly believe that each one of us could be that positive change maker, we all are expecting, thereby improving his/her own life by refining our connection to the four pillars of a solid human foundation (Food, Body, Emotional Well-being, Spiritual Growth) while serving and impacting the life of others and the environment

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